Youth Peace advocacy caravans

The youth in a peaceful procession in Kibera Nairobi on 30th  November 2019

The youth in a peaceful procession in Kibera Nairobi on 30th November 2019

In its pursuit of peace, FECCLAHA in collaboration with National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), Mukuru Slums Development Projects (MSDP), The Superb Community Based Organization , and the organized three parallel youth peace caravans in Kibera , Kisumu and Eldoret , aimed at peace advocacy before, during and after elections.

In the three forums, the youth presented petitions to the local authorities urging them to support and advocate for peaceful coexistence. In Kibera, one of the informal settlements in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the procession began with an assembly at Kamukunji area where the youth pledged to: stand with one out of 4 women worldwide who face violence in their lives, protest against systems and societies that encourage any kind of violence.

This was followed by peaceful walk that ended with a public forum at the District Commissioner’s Headquarter Ground where the public was sensitized through skits against the misuse by politicians to cause violence.

FECCLAHA remains seized on peace advocacy and therefore will continue to engage the youth and other like minded organizations in the sensitization against involvement in any kind of violence, create awareness on youth participation in peace processes and provide platforms where the youth a can dialogue and meditate on future conflict interventions.