FECCLAHA Message of Hope during the Covid-19 global pandemic

Isaiah 63:9: In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them.   In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.”  

Greetings of Peace from FECCLAHA Secretariat.

COVID-19 pandemic has been declared a global health challenge. Its spread across the globe has not only resulted in over 2.5million people contracting the virus with more than 180,000  reported deaths;  but also posed a major Public Health challenge that is threatening to overwhelm our health systems world over.

The current reality is causing fear and uncertainty of the future among the citizens; but there is hope!  We have a blessed assurance that our Almighty God will save us. We are being called to remain hopeful and to hold on to God’s promise of redemption, mercy, and love (Isaiah 63:9. The pandemic will surely come to an end.

We, however, do have a part to play in containing the spread of the disease in our community, countries, and in the region. We are urging all our members and their constituencies to follow and encourage those in their households and places of work to adhere to the simple guidelines set by our health experts: washing hands with soap and water, social distancing at all times, staying home, and wearing face masks when in public places.   

Further, as people of faith, we are also calling you (church leaders, women, youth and men)  to pray without ceasing. We have outlined a list of prayer issues in this newsletter that you and your team could pray about. 

We in FECCLAHA Secretariat, in line with the Government’s directives, are working from home. The travel restrictions within the country and across the region have affected some of our planned initiatives, but the staff remains accessible and continue to undertake their duties and responsibilities. We look forward to continue engaging and planning with you during this period.      

                                                                  We pray for your safety and urge you to pray without cease.