FECCLAHA Call to prayer during the global pandemic

In the midst of this global challenge, we are called to pray.

 Please let us pray for:

End of Domestic and Sexual Violence and protection of the vulnerable in our community:

Sadly, our homes are not always safe places for some women and girls. With the restrictions on movements/ social distancing/ gathering directives, many women and young girls and other vulnerable groups are exposed to domestic and sexual violence.Let us pray that we will speak out against such vices and call out perpetrators of this evil act in our homes and communities.


Healing and strength for our brothers and sisters who have contracted the virus:

Across the globe over 2 Million people have contracted and are fighting the virus in various isolation centres and the number is steadily growing. As we  continue to encourage our family members and those around us to follow all government directives seeking to stop the spread of the virus, let us that the focus of our leaders worldwide will be on reducing the spread of the virus as well us providing the best health care to those who have contracted the virus; and divert from the politicization of the fight against COVID-19.


Protection of our Health workers and experts:

Health workers are a key pillar to the success in the fight against this virus. Tragically, the health care systems in most of our countries are evidently stretched leaving our health workers exposed. Let us pray that there will be adequate equipment and technology needed in the fight against this vice.


Access to basic needs by citizens:

A significant population in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa belongs to the informal sector of our economies.While important and necessary the stringent measures and directives put in place to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus are, they have extensively affected many sources of livelihoods for families in the region.

Let us pray that our faith communities will step up and mobilize local resources to support their community members. Let us pray for a heart of compassion and sharing among our community members as well as stir afresh the spirit of volunteerism among the youth and other community members. 

Let us all stand together in unity and prayer.