Child safeguarding and protection workshop

Two members of staff from FECCLAHA, Mr. Nicholas Amito and Mr. David Omondi ,participated in the child safeguarding and protection workshop held on February 29th 2020 at Tangaza University College, Nairobi-Kenya.

 The workshop was convened by DKA Austria, and targeted DKA partner organizations

Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace workshop

FECCLAHA in partnership with TAABCO Research and Development Consultant, the World Council of Churches (WCC) ,Bread for the World, South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) and the  National Council of Churches of Burundi (CNEB) participated in two Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP) experience

Regional Peace Programme Partner's Meeting

FECCLAHA participated in two Regional Peace Programme (RPP) Partners’ meeting that were held in January and March, 2020 in Nairobi– Kenya.

Also in attendance were programme staff of RPP Partners: All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), Africa Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL-Rfp), Arigatou

Ecumenical Network on South Sudan


FECCLAHA participated in the meeting on the Ecumenical Network of South Sudan (ENSS) that took place on 21st and 22nd January, 2020 in Kit, South Sudan.

Also present were ecumenical partners from the African, European, and Northern America Hubs; as well as members of the South Sudan Council

Training on Gender Mainstreaming Training on Gender Mainstreaming Training on Gender Mainstreaming

Participants of the Gender Mainstreaming workshop held  from 9th –11th December 2019 in Nairobi- Kenya.


FECCLAHA organized a three day training for religious leaders ,both from the Islamic and Christian faiths, on gender mainstreaming in peace building and conflict transformation and the

South Sudan General Assembly



FECCLAHA participated in the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) General Assembly that took place in August 2019, from 27th to 29th , at the Good Shepherd Peace Centre, Kit-South Sudan.

The three day Assembly with the theme “The Power to Forgive”, drawn from Matthew 6:12, saw delegates