Our activities

FECCLAHA’s Developmental Approach

FECCLAHA aims at building equitable and peaceful communities where individuals live in harmony and justice within the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa. The following are the key developmental approaches used by FECCLAHA:

  • Advocacy:  FECCLAHA primarily engages in advocacy for peace through biblical principles which facilitate the realization of the organization’s mandate and vision. FECCLAHA advocates on peaceful coexistence, democratic governance and sustainable development. This is done at various levels including building capacity of church leaders to advocate, work with other institutions to influence change and in most cases advocate for peace, justice, good governance and development through biblical principles. This is achieved through policy analysis and dialogue, production of IEC materials, missions for peace, documentation and church and political leader’s engagement.
  • Documentation and dissemination: FECCLAHA conducts peace studies/ reviews, conflict analysis, conflict mapping, scenario building and analysis and development of key messages by the church leaders. The assessment findings are utilized by the church leaders, networks and the general public through publications, press releases, public forums, conflict transformation trainings and engagement in national, regional and global forums.
  • Capacity Building: FECCLAHA is committed to developing capacity of the member councils and churches (church leaders -men, women and youth) and other relevant stakeholders in peace building conflict transformation, gender, governance, advocacy skills, leadership skills, resource mobilization and institutional management and development.
  • Networking and partnerships: FECCLAHA has developed formal and informal, short and long-term partnerships with a number of religious, non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations and agencies
  • Theological Reflection: FECCLAHA is dedicated to using the Bible as a point of reflection on experiences and situations. This is done through Biblical / Theological reflections, production and dissemination of IEC materials and sharing of experiences.
  • Resource Mobilization: FECCLAHA endeavours to secure new and additional financial, human and material resources to advance its mission. The organization will also put in place systems for making better use of, and maximizing, existing resources.